Cedarside Metro Contracting, Inc.
Serving Kansas City for over 40 years
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About Us

Cedarside History

Cedarside is a 3rd generation roofing company. My grandfather was roofing homes in the Kansas City area when parts of Metcalf Road were still gravel! He trained my father and my father and uncle trained me. “Hands on,” that is the key. If one has never been trained to do something, how can he show another how it should be done? Many people you talk to about roofing are sales reps only and have NEVER installed any roof of any kind. They just givea good speech and offer a price they think you can live with. Roof replacements are too expensive to take a chance. 

Over the years we have roofed homes for several sports figures like "Cotton Fitzsimmons" when he was the coach of the Kansas City Kings, Frank White for the Royals and roofed a movie set for Michael Landon when he produced a movie called "WHERE PIGIONS GO TO DIE" near the then Sprint complex at 95th and Metcalf in Overland Park (see photo below).

At one point we had about 85 new construction builders in and around the Kansas City area but due to the environment of that arena began focusing on roof replacements. Just before 1990 we began getting associated with different insurance carriers and doing hail damage replacements and have replaced thousands of homes since. As a result, here we are today! Without you, our success story is not yet complete!

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