Cedarside Metro Contracting, Inc.
Serving Kansas City for over 40 years
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Cedarside is a quality minded roofing company. No longer is a roof just a roof. Today, due to the improved components offered by most all material manufacturers, the right combination of these make your NEW ROOF a roof "SYSTEM". However this is just the beginning. Any roofing company can have access to the materials they think are needed to do any repair or replacement. What ties it all together is the 40 plus years of experience in knowing which components are best for your needs along with the best trained crews available, most of which we have had over 10 years. With this combination, you can be assured when your NEW ROOF is completed; it is one you are proud of.

In the process you can be assured no work will begin if the threat of inclement weather exists, portions of your roof will never be left uncovered overnight and the ground clean – up will be as if we had never been there! All work will meet city and local codes and Cedarside obtains all permits needed. Cedarside is fully licensed and insured. Because we are a recommended contractors by several insurance carriers, in cases of storm related damage (wind and hail) we can assist you in getting your claim filed and settled in a non – confrontational manor. Remember not all roof related problems are storm related. Our staff is trained to know the difference.

An added bonus is Cedarside’s WARRANTY. Cedarside incorporated in 1989 and was in business long before that. This along with most material warranties used by Cedarside that are "Life Time" (50 years) and Cedarsides 5 year labor warranty (some cases 10 yr.) gives you the comfort of knowing Cedarside will be there for you if needed for years to come. Give yourself piece of mind, make the right choice and choose ''CEDARSIDE''. IT'S THE BEST…!

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